Merit Scholarship Terms and Conditions

    • Merit scholarships are awarded for up to a maximum of four years of full-time study (fall and spring terms only).  These scholarships are not applicable for students extending to five years or beyond, nor are they provided to students for study during the summer sessions.  In addition, they can be used at Pitt-Bradford only, and do not transfer to other Pitt campuses.

    • Students must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.25 to retain the Merit Scholarship Award (calculated at the end of spring term only).  If the Panther Scholarship requires a student to live on campus, on-campus housing status must also be maintained.

    • Special at-entry merit award limitations apply to some students as follows: If a person receives a Panther Scholarship for Out-of-State students and is receiving a University of Pittsburgh employee dependent scholarship, a UPMC employee dependent scholarship (old plan), out-of-state tuition benefits under the Tuition Exchange Program, a U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship, or full tuition benefits as a veteran, the Panther Scholarship will be less than the amount stated in the award letter, and the student will be coded for scholarship purposes as if they were a PA state resident; likewise, the Dean’s Award will not be applied. Please check with the Pitt-Bradford Financial Aid Office for details. For all students, under no circumstances will University monies be refunded if a person is awarded more than the invoiced charges.

    • Students can take a maximum of $2,000 Panther Scholarship on one Study Abroad experience during the academic year.

    • Special conditions apply to students enrolling in the Radiological Science program.  The Panther Scholarship is valid only during those years the student is paying University of Pittsburgh full-time tuition.  It is not valid in those years when a student is paying tuition to the Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) or any other non-Pitt entity.

    • These at-entry merit awards are for the 2015-2016 academic year only. The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford reserves the right to change these award levels at its discretion. Students are coded for their awards based upon in-state/out-of-state residency and on-campus/commuter status prior to the first day of class.  If a student’s status changes, the student must notify the Admissions Office prior to the first day of class of he first term of enrollment.   A student will not be recoded after the first day of enrollment.

    • Grade Point Averages are calculated on a 4.0=A scale, and are not rounded off.